North End Concert Series
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House Rules
  • The first rule is the house makes the rules :-) Its our house, after all, and we're thrilled to invite you, but please do respect rule number 1!
  • We don't sell tickets - there is a minimum donation request for the artist per person and you must rsvp in advance to attend.
  • Help us support independent label music by bringing at least the right amount of cash or pay in advance if that option is open - all proceeds of each show go to the artist!
  • Please don't arrive before the designated time of 'doors' - this totally throws us off as we are most likely in some form of disarray before the magic hour..
  • Park anywhere in our neighborhood that is legal (watch for signs that say otherwise!) - but of course no parking in other people's private driveways or in the apartments behind us! Extra parking can be found behind our row of townhouses, or out on the Potomac Greens Dr.
  • We can seat 35 and usually take a few folks for overflow into the kitchen and stairs. Many of our shows 'sell out' so if you don't RSVP you don't have a seat! If you RSVP after we've reached our limit, you may have a SRO spot. Please let us know if you need to change your reservation and please make sure you let us know how many folks will be with you. Once we pass the SRO limit we will put you on a wait list - check your email as we do send out notices for availability of seats.
  • We're delighted to have you bring your favorite libation or food to share - please do be careful of spillage :-)
  • Please let us know if you'd like to be off the evite list. We do our best, but the list is large and unwieldy and sometimes has a mind of its own.
  • Please silence all ringing, recording, tweeting or texting devices - ours is a listening room (and we like that to be music!).
  • We only host a few shows each year, and only for our favorite artists.
  • Please relax and enjoy yourself - don't feel you are strapped to your seat!


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